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Redbox Automated Retail LLC is an American and Canadian video rental company specializing in DVD, Blu-ray, 4K UHD rentals, and formerly video games via automated retail kiosks. Redbox kiosks feature the company's signature red color and are located at convenience stores, fast-food restaurants, grocery stores, mass retailers, and pharmacies.

A former Technician from Colorado shares his/her experience working for Redbox Automated Retail LLC in a review posted by INDEED: "I had to file a wage complaint due to nonpayment for hours worked. Literally the worst company I have ever worked for. The hiring process took over 2 months even after accepting their offer. Once I officially began there was no in-person training nor was I provided any form of online training. I was not given the proper keys/tools to access the machines and do my job. I was told my territory would be within a 10-20 mile radius from my home, that was a huge lie, my territory averaged 350 miles per day. They claim to reimburse you for fuel, wear and tear, and insurance but unless you have a 2016 or newer vehicle you do not get reimbursed. They tell you that 32hrs/week is full time and you can work an unlimited amount of hours. Sure you can work 60 hours a week but you are not paid OT. Once you have put your 32 hours in any hours thereafter are put onto a different payroll check so they don't have to pay you OT. I was never able to access APD to punch in and out for the day. I was never able to access the milage application to apply for reimbursements. They tell you they offer medical and dental but they code you as a part-time employee (even though you're working well over part-time) then tell you that only full-time employees qualify. Most of the machines are in very unsafe neighborhoods which you have to serve in the dark, hoping that you don't get robbed or shot. They do provide you a company phone, however, that phone does not work unless you have the BlueTooth and the locator turned on. You're expected to carry the phone on you 24/7 and answer it even when you're not on the clock. Every Monday you have to be present at your local warehouse to pick up your products for the week, attend a weekly meeting, and have your vehicle inspected by your DM. If your DM does not like the way you pack your vehicle you will be required to unload and reload the way the DM determines. Due to this meeting, you won't be able to start your route until 10-11 am which means you won't get home until about 11 pm. You're not allowed to call in sick nor take a weather day. I'm in Colorado and our roads are often closed due to snow and I was still expected to drive to the mountains and sit on the highway waiting for the road to open. The DM for Colorado and Washington has decided she quitting the 1st week of March so she has given up and does not care about her job or her employees."


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Kiosk Attendant (Former Employee) says

"I hate working at Redbox. You get paid 50 cents per hour WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE REDBOX CEO!I’m actually do not work at Redbox, but I just want to remind you that Redbox is bad. Why do you get 50 cents per hour when working at Redbox? Working at hospitals is a quintillion times better than working at Redbox.NothingLess paid"

Service Technician (Former Employee) says

"Dying industry they are hoarding other line of business to survive they “train” you to service various kiosks alongside Redbox. Management is trash they all get groomed and it’s their way or the highway. Must be a yes man period once they feel any push back won’t go well for you. Only perk is company vehicle for techs you can use for personal. Other than that they play favorites supervisor for NJ is clueless."

Field Representative (Former Employee) says

"This place will make you and your car overworked and broke. They say they will pay for your vacation days. But you have to work on your days off. Turnover is like ever week or 2 weeks someone quits. Manager is forced by redbox to make sure you dont go 1 mile over and make sure you dont go 1 hour overtime your daily pay. You work way over 50 hours a week but get paid 40 hours.NoneOverwork and broke"

Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"They make it sound so good but in reality its not. Its the worst job by far. Ive been screwed over on my pay twice since ive worked for them.... The service tech isa cry baby, the manager for the routes is a red head who she thinks treating her employees like complete garbage is professional reality stay clear from this job. Redbox is a joke.Be your own bossEverything else!"

Field Service Technician (Former Employee) says

"I applied for them and was told there was only a 3 years driving record check in which they didn’t give me the job because I’m 7-10 years I had a 2 speeding tickets . Then once they were running out of reason to not hire me they said it was my criminal check . They have a unfair hiring process and everybody’s not on the same page so you never really know what’s what. I wouldn’t recommend applying here . It’s a waste of time . Idk anybody who hasn’t had a speeding tick in 7-10 years but my 73 year old grandmother . These people are ridiculous. Apply at your own risk of wasted timePay and benifits maybeUnfair hiring orocess"

Field Service Representative 2 (Former Employee) says

"Middle management has to micro-manage their teams, leaving little choice for the field technicians, after going private the role out of the work order system was handle poorly and added additional time. My ROS was not very available for training and guidance since she was tasked with too many other responsibilities outside of her market. Being out in the field was difficult to cultivate a sense of togetherness and team work. The hardest part of the job was I burning out on the all the travel they required of me. The continuing education was almost carno breaks"

Field Technician (Former Employee) says

"Not everyone will show up for weekly meetings because lack of caring. Management was the absolute worse... they are like puppets. There really isnt an SOP.. they say there is, but constant changes make the job and atmosphere a new release before the market does... oh wait, they took that away too, so never mind.dont get to watch the new release any more."


"At first the job was great the lead manager was very well seasoned on the job and the team moral was great ... Made it not so bad to do the unpleasant parts, Then they changed management to a person that was ego powered. NOT for the better. NOT worth the money paid to do the massive amount of work in one day easily a 12 hr day with little to no break. NO days off , no teamwork,"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"this was by far the worst job i have ever had in my life. I worked here right out of college. They over work you and under pay you. You basically get paid to lie to customers about their rentals and being over charged and if the company has a glitch and the customer gets charged its your responsibility to figure out how to get the customer off the phone with out offering them any money back just codes for free movies and you couldnt give them more than 10"

REDBOX (Former Employee) says

"I will say this REDBOX used to be a fun and enjoyable company however, over the last 2 years it has gone down hill they will take advantage of you and upper management like to do audits on your time and question everything you do for them keep daily notes is all I will say. I spent 4 years with them and I decided to leave the company because of these issues. Wanting people to work for free they will not say that but when covering 500 miles a day and not wanting you to have OT as you will be traveling 500 miles more often than you think or want to you do not get help from your manager and you MUST follow your route they say to follow or you will get into trouble just really think of applying for the Wyoming position really hard if you like to be micromanagement they love to do this to you as wellNoneThe area your covering"

Field service representative 1 (Former Employee) says

"I liked my job at outerwall communicated with the customers but the managers had no communication with there employees the routes that we ran was not in order and never enough cleaning supplies and managers had nasty personality with there employees they were very disrespectful .The mangers at the man office would come to visit so much I think the just really wanted to take a vacation to new Orleans because every time they came nothing was getting done i would never work for outerwall again.We had no prosNever had a lunch break"

Field Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Was a good little job a decade ago, but you would never call it an 'engineer' or even a 'technician' job - a school leaver could easily maintain a kiosk as it is a simple little box of nuts and bolts and not very sophisticated at all. Do not work here if you have a brain or any bit of intelligence because it will break you. The management are incompetent, and the only way to get promotion (in the UK anyway) is by becoming a serial 'brown noser'. Management positions are not based on intelligence, experience, common sense or in some cases the ability to string a sentence together. The company claim to be 'moral' and have 'values' - trust me they have neither. The morale within the company is rock bottom, and I don't expect them to last another 3 years within the UK. Coinstar have way outlived their novelty factor and people are switching to better ways of changing their coins - such as banks, as most now have machines which are free to use, and give you all your money back.Easy to be invisible and nip for a round of golf in the afternoonBoring, useless managment, company 'values' and 'policies'"

Field Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Redbox has a "metrics" system in place that is flawed in many ways. Regional managers and above have an "untouchable" or "unattainable" type of attitude. The new route optimization program is ridiculous. One of the reasons I took the position is so I could run my route according to my personal preference. Sometimes life happens and you may need to make a Dr. appointment or pick up a sick child from school. The route op program eliminates any freedoms like that. My opinion is that, as long as you are completing your route accurately and in the time frame allowed you should be allowed to run it as you please. In the near future they with be tracking all field service reps with GPS. I have a huge problem with this. I feel that it is an invasion of privacy. What will Redbox do with this info? Sell it? It is not cost effective or necessary. They claim this will cut costs but we have not been shown how. The reports that are generated from discs loaded in the kiosks are grossly inaccurate. I have been written up twice based on these reports. I keep daily records of all of my daily activities. i.e. how many discs I loaded in to each kiosk, how many discs I removed from each kiosk, etc. The reports very rarely reflect what I record. I hear weekly "Disregard xxx report, it's wrong this week." I am a very thorough person and can guarantee the reports are wrong. Believe me, I am not alone. I think it is a way for the company to avoid paying out bonuses. Long story short, Stay away from this company. It could be a great company to work for but the micromanagement has killed team morale andYou can watch all of the movies you wantEverything else"

Field Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"For starters I've never seen a company take so much from it's own employees than this place.. You have to provide YOUR car for work and YOUR GAS plus the wear and tear on your car. You also have to provide a good portion of a 10 X 10 ft ROOM to accommodate all company deliveries and materials which was not disclosed to me at all during the interview process. This company constantly has double standards ..... 1 week a certain rule is applied ...2 months later management forgets about what they enforced and turns the other cheek. NO MORE BONUS this year after getting one each year I have been there. The customers use this passive aggressive approach to get what they want out of field service personal.....( Standing in back of you not saying anything.demands.not acknowledging you are at work trying to accomplish your tasks.) Getting promoted only involves being an FSR2 making a lousy 2k extra per year plus company vehicle. Management is terrible at communication and uses the my way or the highway antics to get their way. Working for this company is like being a rat escaping from a sinking ship honestly. Management constantly back stabs employees, plays favorites and will always tell you how you can be more like the better employees.Also management plays down the worst possible scenarios.... ie saying "the bonus in August we were supposed to get wasn't that much anyway." What I thought could be a decent place to work is nothing more than a joke for a company that will be forgotten soon because they can't own up to their own actions. Working for free is very real at this companyNothing its all downhill from here get out nowManagements unethical practices"

sales rep (Former Employee) says

"Set days a week that cannot be switched for bad weather appointment ect. putting gps trackers on your phone that they furnish you and you have to follow theyre route they tell you. you get 18min per kiosk to empty it,fill it,clean it(inside and out)change out art ect and hurry to get to next one without going off your route(because that is timed also) anyway i have put in my 2wk notice and management did not even care why. so thats a company to stay away from. your just a # oh ya and you also have to have a garage or shed to store movies boxes ect.with no extra pay Part time job with NO Flexabilitynoneyour on time limit, gps tracker, need storage area at your home, cheap pay"

Deployment (Former Employee) says

"This company is not what it used to be. I started with the company in 2006 - back when it was fresh, it was new and it was vibrant and an all hands on deck attitude. I worked my way up to managing a department.I, for one, was pleased when Coinstar bought the company. It brought a more professional tone to a very unprofessional company. I worked well with the team in Seattle. So much so that it was frowned upon by the executive management team in Oakbrook Terrace. I was told I could participate in an interview for an online publication by my three supervisors (yes...three). When the article was published, I was fired for violating a corporate media policy. So basically - I was set up. The management team will tell you how well you are doing to your face and will be just as quick to drive a knife into your back.Additionally, the growth is over at redbox. They have put all their machines in place. No room for growth and a platform that will be outdated in the very near future.Be very careful with this company as it is a pack of wolves in sheep movie rentalsunprofessional, back stabbing leaders, poor pay, long hours, limited benefits."

Field Service Representative I (Former Employee) says

"I should have known things were off to a bad start when recruitment asked me to pay $11 to access my driving record. I was hired part time, and told I might get up to 30 hours/week. I was also told I’d have off most Fridays. After just three weeks, I was logging over 50 hours and working every Friday with no health benefits. I was also told I’d know my route 30 days in advance—in actuality, routes changed weekly and sometimes the manager wouldn’t even send these out until late Monday morning. This was incredibly stressful. All of the company’s documentation (and recruiters) instruct you be off the road by 6pm. How are you supposed to service 18-20 machines every Monday when you can’t even leave the storage unit until 11am? Some days I was lucky to be home by 9pm. My experience was caused by a manager who had two other jobs besides Redbox and a terrible habit of twisting the truth. Here I thought the worst parts would be inclement weather and abusing my vehicle, but it was really just poor management. Sure, I could make my own hours Tue-Fri but the only way to get home before dark was leaving by 6:00 every morning. The pay wasn’t bad, however, far from worth the trouble. Did I mention I never got reimbursement for tolls?"

Field Service Technician (Former Employee) says

"Your pay is determined by the number of kiosks assigned to you. The mileage reimbursement was half your pay. They find ways to reduce, reduce, reduce your route by overhiring and kiosk elimination.NoneThe co finds ways to reduce your hours"


"No organization, the work process and communication process does not exist. Tooo many driving miles, always changing direction. Management has no clue. Redbox is hurting financially, they won't admit it, they are trying to become a merchandising company instead of what they are, a media company, there is no future within this company."

Field Support Representative 2 (Former Employee) says

"Redbox started out well because the company provided a car, phone, laptop, PTO, and benefits. I worked there for 5 years and unfortunately each passing year went downhill. I'll summarize by saying that micromanagement and bean counting got worse. Incompetent management made each passing week more stressful. I had 3 supervisors throughout my time there. One reason I left was because the final supervisor (hired from outside of Redbox) had no idea what he was doing, and the stress of his job must have caused him to have mood swings around his employees. Workload got ridiculous at times. For example, while understaffed, many times we had to buy DVDs while trying to complete projects on kiosks within a tight deadline, and then merchandise all at the same time. Teams were always understaffed, and they never got the staffing right. Sure, I had PTO, but it was a major pain to get approval to use it. And due to staffing issues in neighboring markets, I ended up having to drive really far out of market on numerous occasions; more than the 10% travel outside of market listed in the job description. Work life balance suffered because of this. It ended up being not worth having the company car and phone, and laptop anymore, so I left. No regrets still.Company car, benefitsBad management"

YK Customer empowered says

"I lost my credit card and I wanted to pick up my reserved DVD. I could not. They don't have chat available and when I called at night. No staff. I have to pay 1.8 dollar but I don't have my credit card. I am doomed. Bad service and product."

Zinn Carrigan says

"If I could give a zero star review I would. I rented 3 movies on a Saturday and returned them on Sunday morning. 3 weeks later $41 was drafted from my account and when I called Redbox they said that I never returned the movies. I have since blocked them from being able to draft my account and file a claim with my bank which will take up to 90days to review. I may never get the money back but that will be the last time Redbox will recieve my business. 🤬Crooks!!!!"

Ash says

"Redbox is the WORST. They TRIPLE charged my card without my authorization, and now they're refusing to give back the $ they took unauthorized.. Yesterday we rented 3 movies. We had a promo. The total for all 3 movies was $3.49. Got home to a new charge of $4.49. Woke up this morning to a THIRD CHARGE for $6.98. Contacted CSR and she pretty much told me too bad so sad. Customer service was no help at all to me. I spend over $60 a week just with redbox. The CSR agent hung up the live chat without even answering my questions. Pay attention to your statements people... Please. Unfortunately this is not the first time this has happened. Also not the first time I've reached out to CSR and been treated poorly, then disconnected. I really do wish the customer service was better. Maybe they would still have me and my family as a customer."

Robert Charette says

"Boxes don’t work. Videos hard to find. On a 1-10 a 2 at best."

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